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The Growth of Business Groups and Their Impact on Mailing Lists

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Here are the articles by ISSM Charter Senior Fellow Ed Burnett:

"9 Digit Automation Status Report - Summer 1995"

"The ABC's of Modeling for Business-to-Business"

"How to Save Money on Postage" and "How to Work with your local Post Office"

"Being Digital"

"The Growth of Business Groups and Their Impact on Mailing Lists"

"1995 Postal Volume Has Increased; 1995 Postal Productivity Has Not"


About Ed Burnett

During the course of a career that spans over 40 years in the direct mail marketing business, Ed Burnett helped mailers select over 10 billion names for direct mail and telemarketing campaigns.

He was President of Ed Burnett Consultants, Inc., one of the five major direct marketing firms that makes up THE DATABASE AMERICA COMPANIES. His firm specialized in direct mail consultation, list compilation and list brokerage.

Ed Burnett was widely recognized as the pioneer of many of the list marketing concepts and techniques utilized today throughout the industry. These concepts and techniques are freely shared in the numerous articles he contributed to all of the major trade publications, and are gathered together in the book he recently authored for Prentice Hall, THE COMPLETE DIRECT MAIL LIST HANDBOOK: Everything You Need to Know About Lists and How to Use Them for Greater Profit. He is also the author of Database Marketing -- The New Profit Frontier.

Ed Burnett gave direct marketing seminars nationwide, on the art of list selection and use ... and counseled such Fortune 500 clients as Xerox, IBM and AT&T on direct response marketing and analysis. He was a prolific writer for major trade journals; a frequent keynote speaker at industry functions across the country and in Europe; and he served for three years as a representative on the Technical Advisory Committee to the Postmaster General. He even traded barbs and witticisms in defense of direct mail on Late Night with David Letterman. (Letterman dubbed him "The King of Lists.")

Ed Burnett passed away February 25th, 2005 at the age of 90.


1996, Charter Senior Fellow, The International Society for Strategic Marketing

In 1994, B'nai B'rith honored Ed Burnett with a "Lifetime Achievement Award" in the fields of Advertising, Direct Mail and the Graphic Arts.

In 1993, the Direct Marketing Association honored Ed Burnett with a "Business-to-Business Lifetime Achievement Award." Mr. Burnett was the third to receive this award.

In 1987, winner of a Silver Apple Award presented by the Direct Marketing Club of New York.

The Direct Marketing Association also honored him through their List Council in 1983, with a presentation of the "List Leader Award" at List Day in New York (the first time such an award was presented by the DMA). He was also selected to give an advanced course for a Certificate in Direct Mail Lists for the DMA in 1989.

In 1978, Mail Advertising Services Association (MASA) named Ed Burnett their "Man of the Year." In 1983, they honored him with the L.U. "Luke" Kaiser Educational Award.

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