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Strengthening the Patient/Physician Relationship

About Ken Culpepper

Ken Culpepper is president of Integrated Marketing Solutions, Inc., an integrated database marketing firm that incorporates strategic marketing business planning, data modeling systems and marries interactive communications with database marketing technologies, located in Franklin, TN. IMS also incorporates interactive voice response strategies for physician practices, hospitals and clinics, utilities, broadcast media, insurance companies, manufacturers, and database marketing retailers.

Culpepper is an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Tennessee Technological University, and is a regular contributing author for Direct Marketing Magazine and Tennessee Medicine Magazine.

He is president and founder of The Direct Marketing Association of Tennessee, a Senior Fellow for The International Society for Strategic Marketing and a long-time member of The Direct Marketing Association. He leads integrated database marketing seminars, sessions and workshops at national conferences and organizational events, and is the author of numerous published articles.

His background is extensive in systemizing business integration and developmental planning in the individualized and business-to-business database marketing arenas. He has incorporated his experience in direct marketing, pricing strategy, business and strategic planning, integrated marketing communications, media advertising, marketing research and design, needs analysis, segmentation analysis, business process, data modeling, geo-demographic technologies, computer telephony, sales, retail, distribution and manufacturing.

He took his M.S. in Marketing Communications and his B.S. in Communications from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.


1997, Associate Fellow, International Society for Strategic Marketing

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