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Articles by Charter Senior Fellow Don Libey:

"Selling on the Web Means Selling Creativity!"


Libey is considered the leading direct marketing and catalog industry
futurist and strategic planner for owners, CEOs and boards of directors.
With over thirty years of industry experience, he presents
keynote addresses to the major industry conferences worldwide and frequently
facilitates a series of CEO Intensives for strategic partner MeritDirect. He has
been an owner, director, CEO and operator of numerous catalog
companies, and has been president of Libey Incorporated since 1988,
specializing in senior-level advisory and investment banking services
exclusively to the catalog, direct marketing and e-commerce industries. He is
the author of seven books on direct marketing and the publisher of The Libey-Concordia Economic Outlook, a newsletter exclusively for clients of Libey-Concordia and its strategic partner,


Charter Senior Fellow, The International Society for Strategic Marketing

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