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Article by ISSM Charter Senior Fellow and Executive Director John Miglautsch:

Finding Needs and Filling Them


Though we still see newspaper, radio and TV ads, marketing is undergoing a global revolution. The underlying power is coming from our ability to store and hopefully use the mountains of data generated from the very stuff of doing business. TV took off in the 50's, radio in the 20's... newspapers in the 18th century... we seem to be accelerating. However, I sincerely believe that the changes of this century in the science of marketing will pale in comparison with those of the next decade. We are beginning an era when the barriers to entry are melting and the communication costs are shrinking to near zero. We are finally figuring out how to meld the comfort of our friendly PC with the power of the massive main frame. We do not know exactly where the future will lead, but we do know that things will certainly change.

About John Miglautsch:

John Miglautsch's successful consulting projects have included major involvement in four business catalog start-ups. In 1985, John moved to Vice President of Marketing at Sales Guides, Inc. His background in the real world of day to day catalog management makes his solutions practical as well as technically sound.

Miglautsch Marketing has become one of the premier developers of marketing databases. One of their sites includes a 90 million record system running on a standard Intel processor. Custom systems are constructed using off the shelf PC Windows tools running client/server LAN's.


1995 Direct Marketer of the Year, Wisconsin Direct Marketing Association
1995 Founder and Director, International Society for Strategic Marketing
1992 Past Secretary, Board of Directors - WI Direct Marketing Club
1991 Senior Fellow, International Society for Strategic Marketing
1990 PDM Valedictorian, University of Missouri - Kansas

John and/or Miglautsch Marketing have been cited recently in the following publications: Paradox 5.0, Infoworld, July 18, 1994, Database Limitations, Target Marketing, August, 1994,Internet Access, Network World, December, 1993, No Substitute for a Brain, DBMS, April, 1993, Interbase:Serving Two Worlds, Computerworld, March 11, 1993; Borland's PAL Shift Proves Manageable, Computerworld, February 15, 1993; Yankee Ingenuity, Corporate Report Wisconsin, February, 1993; Going For All The Marbles, Infoworld, January 25, 1993; Off-the-shelf Software has Advantages, Database Marketing Newsletter, January, 1993; Why Databases Are Not Working; A Reply to Miglautsch & Sargent, DM News, January 11, 1993; Libey on Customers, pp. 168, 1993; Moore Business Products Expects to Boost Sales With Data System, DM News, September 28, 1992; Cognos Eases SQL Query Process Across RDBMS's, Computerworld, September 28, 1992; Interbase, Driver Provide Link to Paradox 4.0, PC Week, September 14, 1992; Why DMers Think The Fax is Indispensable, DM News, September 7, 1992; Most B-to-B Firms Don't know Cost or Value of Customers: DMI Survey, DM News, July 27, 1992; PC's Put Database Marketers In Control, Target Marketing, March, 1992; Data Capture, Target Marketing, February, 1992; The Libey Letter, January 16, 1992, December 16, 1991, August 15, 1991; Getting To The Data, Direct, January, 1992; In Search of the Perfect Software, Direct, August, 1991.

John's writing ranges from analytical computer models to direct mail copy. Recent articles include: There's Such a Thing as Too Much Data, DM News, August 15, 1994, Getting the Most From PC Analysis, DM News, December 1993, Architectures for Marketing Computer Systems, Journal of Direct Marketing, Spring 1993, Why Marketing Databases Are Not Working, DM News, October 1992;The Great Database Myth is Dead, Direct Marketing, June 1992; A Conceptual Definition of Direct Marketing, Journal of Direct Marketing, Spring 1992; A Weekly Catalog-Sales Projection Model, DM News, December 1991; The FAX: Good for DMers and the Environment, DM News, August 1991; What Are Your Customers Really Worth?, DM News, June 1991; A Customer-Acquisition Break-Even Model, Modeling Basic Break-Even Analysis, Catalog Business, August 1990; Why I love Catalogs so Much, DM News, February 1990; Why Direct Marketing is Misunderstood, Direct, March 1989; Mature Business Catalogs Turn Graphic, DM News, November 1988; Building a Financial Model, Catalog Business, February, 1988; and Opportunities Unlimited, A study in the economics of the catalog mail order business, Direct Marketing, February, 1988.

He developed the first Catalog Age sponsored Catalog Seminar presented in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Boston in 1988. John participated as a judge in the 1988 American Catalog Contest. John was one of three finalists for Young Direct Marketer of the Year, 1989. In 1991 he became a Senior Fellow of the North American Society for Strategic Marketing.

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