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Intenational Society for Strategic Marketing


The International Society for Strategic Marketing is an international membership organization residing on the World Wide Web, dedicated to the electronic publication and distribution of important scholarly analysis, research and commentary for and about marketing, and the direct marketing and database marketing industry.

There is absolutely no cost for ISSM associate charter membership. ISSM has only two requirements: (1) interest in interacting with renowned marketing experts such as Ed Burnett, Don Libey, Denison Hatch, Tracy Emerick, Sid Liebenson and many others, and (2) an E-Mail address. That's it! You may register as an associate member of the International Society For Strategic Marketing (ISSM), simply by sending to Miglautsch Marketing an E-Mail registration reply with your name and E-Mail address. Just click "submit" below.

If you have a moment, you can help make ISSM more responsive to your particular interests in the selection of articles and marketing industry forums by providing the other information requested in the registration form below. Thank you for your interest in ISSM. We look forward to exchanging strategic marketing ideas with you on the Net. Welcome to ISSM!

John Miglautsch
Executive Director
The International Society for Strategic Marketing (ISSM)
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