Charter Senior Fellows:

Brent Bissell, Direct Target One, mail to Brent.
JoAnna Brandi, Working Relationships, Inc., mail to JoAnna.
Ed Burnett, Ed Burnett Consultants
Ken Culpepper, Integrated Marketing Solutions. mail to Ken.
Tracy Emerick, Taurus Marketing, mail to Tracy.
Rene' Gnam, Rene' Gnam Consultation Corporation, mail to Rene'.
Bob Hacker, The Hacker Group, mail to Bob.
Denison Hatch, Target Marketing, mail to Denis.
Ray Jutkins, Rockingham Jutkins Marketing
John Lewington, Maryville University, mail to John.
Hershell Gordon Lewis, Communicomp, mail to Hershell.
Don Libey, Donald R. Libey Consultancy, mail to Don.
Sid Liebenson, Draft Direct Worldwide, mail to Sid.
John Miglautsch, Miglautsch Marketing, Inc., mail to John.
Ernie Schell, Marketing Systems Analysis, Inc., mail to Ernie.
Bob Stone, Stone & Adler

Associate Fellows:

Ron Davis, Milwaukee Direct Marketing, mail to Ron.
Tony Gilroy, Direct Media, mail to Tony.
Earl Hogan, Earl Hogan Direct Marketing, mail to Earl.
Savinder Mattu, WorldWide Media, mail to Savinder.

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